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French words you already know. Part A.

There are many French words that mean nearly or exactly the same thing in English, though the spellings and pronunciations are a bit different. Here are some French words starting with the letter A, listed without accent marks. I am sure you will be as astounded at the number as I was.

abandon,  abdication, abdomen, aberration, abject, abnegation, abominable, abstinence, absurd, academician, accent, accessible, accident, acclimation, acid, acoustique, action, addition, adequat, adherence, adjacent, adjuration, administrateur, admirable, adolescence, adorable, affair, affiliation, affliction.

age, agent, aggravation, agile, agreable, aide, air, alacrite, alarm, album, alcove,  alignment, allegation, allergie, allocation, alluvial, alphabet, altercation, amalgamation, amateur, ambiance, ambulance, amen, amenite, americain, amnesie, amphitheatre, ample, amputation, amulette.

anachronisme, analgesique, , analogie, anarchie, anatomi, anecdote, angle, anglican, animal, animosite, annex, annotation, anomalie, antagomisme, antarctique, antecedent, antedeluvian, anterieur, anthology, anticipation, antipathie, anxiete.

aperitif, aphorisme, aplomb, apostrophe, apothecaire, apparition, applicable, appreciable, approch, approximat, arab, arable, archeologie, archer, archetype, architect, archives, aristocrat, armoire, arrangement, arrogance, arsenal, art, article, artillerie, artisan, artist, aspect, aspic, assassin, assertion.

assimilation, association, assurance, astringent, athlete, atlantique, atlas, atmosphere, atoll, attestation, attitude, audible, augmentation, auspice, autoclave, automobile, avalanche, avatar, avenue, et (and) aversion.

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