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I first traveled to Paris in 1971 for two weeks between stints in London, Spain, southern France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. I traveled to Paris again for a week in 1975, for a day in 1978, for three weeks in 2002, eight weeks in 2007, and then five weeks in 2013. I will likely go again.

After the Louvre, unframed 1

After the Louvre, acrylic on canvas, 2009

On my 2007 trip to the French capital, I wrote daily journal entries, which are at I then compiled and revised those blogs into a spiral-bound book, An Introvert in Paris: Tips, Lists and Essays for the Quiet Traveler.

I do not speak French beyond ordering cafe cremes and pains du chocolat, but the art and atmosphere fill my soul every time. If someone mentions to me that they would like to go to Paris “someday” but then begin listing the reasons they can’t, I usually reply, “Just go.”