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A tale of seaside resorts

Americans may be surprised to know that England has quite a few seaside resorts. “I thought they went to Spain for that,” an American might say. But England has its Dover, Brighton, Bournemouth, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Plymouth, and Cornish beaches. All with sun, salt spray, waves, sunrises and sunsets, piers and jetties, gulls, and seaside stuff […]

Storm in the Desert

Originally written for a Westminster College writing class, spring 2006. Rudolph “The Sheik” Valentino married his second wife—a great-granddaughter of Mormon patriarch Heber C. Kimball—in 1922 and then again, legally, in 1923. Winifred Kimball Shaughnessy took it from there. “He does not look like your husband. He is not in the least like your brother. […]