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Category Archives: Poetry

Christmas in Floy

It was Christmas in Floy Exit 175 at yuletide Visions of I-70 semis through the electric fog A great icy pie crust rolled out over four and twenty black brush.   A Doctor Zhivago landscape But no good-looking non-Russian actors like in the 1965 movie Or good-looking non-Russian actors like in the 2002 TV miniseries […]

A Bride for Death

Death was lonely So he put an ad in the paper, saying about himself, “Loves to travel and meet new people.” And she arrived at the coffee shop for their first meeting 160 pounds of giggle stuffed into her 5 foot 1 inches A headful of yellow curls and her mother’s recipe for deep-dish cherry […]

Looking for love in Moab

Part One. Looking for love in Moab is a little like trying to make a left turn on Main Street during Jeep Safari Week I’m sure it’s possible, doable, if you wait for the yellow or the red If you have your turn signal on and plenty of gas If everybody follows the rules and […]

A Skater’s Winter

It didn’t snow for Halloween The Pocahantas Halloween that skater’s winter Hundreds of little white girls dressed as Indians Too cold to go door to door They raided the stores in the biggest mall in Anchorage Moms wearing ranch mink Carrying their daughters’ pink coats lined with rabbit fur Those trap lines are so romantic […]

Sugar Cookies

Originally published in an LLL ALL Plump and warm Soft and buttery Cut in the shape of two little hands, Take a nibble Get a giggle Sugar cookies.

Just Like Mommy

Originally published in LLL of New Mexico’s Enchantment He doesn’t have my Cary Grant chin He doesn’t have my eyes Or my nose Or my square jaw.

Baby Dancing

Originally published in LLL of Ohio’s The Circle, 1989 Sway and sway Two step, dip Sway and sway again; Cheek to cheek Every night The perfect partner on the floor.

The Extra Loaf

Originally published in LLL of New Mexico’s Enchantment Two loaves of bread in each batch. One loaf fresh, hot, and buttered for us The other into the freezer to wait.

To the Stars and the Moon

Originally published in LLL of New Mexico’s Enchantment I never got to meet you, Little, tiny almost-child; You slipped away To the stars and the moon And didn’t come back To tell Mommy how beautiful they were.

The Day You Danced in the Cheerios

I had always been saying, “I have one son and a baby.” You were still so little Even though you could stand And yell and play.