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Looking for love in Moab

DSC06029Part One.
Looking for love in Moab is a little like trying to make a left turn on Main Street
during Jeep Safari Week
I’m sure it’s possible, doable, if you wait for the yellow or the red
If you have your turn signal on and plenty of gas
If everybody follows the rules and takes turns
If you remain calm and don’t panic, don’t look too desperate
Don’t give up, watch for tourists carrying their little bags of red dirt shirts and postcards
Not just jay-walking, but doing cursive Ws, Ks, and U turns out of Andy’s book shop.

Part Two.
Looking for love in Moab is a little like eating breakfast at Denny’s
Oh, it’s convenient, just down the street, it’s even at a traffic light
And the parking’s good. There’s even room for the semis.
And available, open 24 hours, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
And it doesn’t close in the winter
But it’s not very hip or cool
Too plastic, predictable, pedestrian, standard, unworldly, franchise-y
Kerouac wouldn’t have bothered
The beats and the boatmen are eating someplace else
But Denny’s is a breakfast you might want to settle for
Since Eklectica has a line out the door.

Part Three.
Looking for love in Moab is a little like driving to Floy
There’s probably something there, but do you really want to commit
Actually turn off I-70, take a chance, use up your gas, strike out on that unmaintained road?
You can Google Floy and see it was an old railroad station for the Denver & Rio Grande
There’s a Floy Canyon, a Floy Wash, a Floy Trail, and a place called Nutter’s Hole.
Maybe there used to be something in Floy back in its rail stop days
Some reason for going there, a vibrant past now tumbleweeded over
And maybe I could make a go of things in Floy with a trust fund, a newer car
Skills in carpentry, electronics, masonry, plumbing, metallurgy, farming,
Ranching, veterinary care, CPR, car mechanics, cardiology, and well-digging
Was a little younger and a lot better maintained.

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