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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Murder at the B&B. An Ophelia Perhaps Mystery.

Really, Really Dead.   Dead. He was dead. No doubt about it. He was really, really dead. I now sat at the desk of the intake officer, where his computer was taking forever to upload some forms. Vaguely glancing at the photos of him fishing in Scotland or somewhere equally cold and bleak, I was […]

Christmas in Floy

It was Christmas in Floy Exit 175 at yuletide Visions of I-70 semis through the electric fog A great icy pie crust rolled out over four and twenty black brush.   A Doctor Zhivago landscape But no good-looking non-Russian actors like in the 1965 movie Or good-looking non-Russian actors like in the 2002 TV miniseries […]

A Bride for Death

Death was lonely So he put an ad in the paper, saying about himself, “Loves to travel and meet new people.” And she arrived at the coffee shop for their first meeting 160 pounds of giggle stuffed into her 5 foot 1 inches A headful of yellow curls and her mother’s recipe for deep-dish cherry […]

Murder at the B&B. An Ophelia Perhaps Mystery.

A Murder, I Think. It wasn’t what I was expecting. The police station looked more like an ordinary office, with houseplants, a pile of Hello magazines on the side tables, computer monitors, and IN and OUT boxes. It was a quiet Sunday morning. Apparently the chaos of the night before had been sorted, and the paperwork […]