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Books I’m reading and have read

BOOK/S I AM PRESENTLY READING: BEATRIX POTTER: The Extraordinary Life of a Victorian Genius. Linda Lear. 447 pages. A fellow artist, she’s also called by her middle name and her first name is Helen. So wonderful to read this after stomping around her country on my trip with Dianne and Gail in fall 2008. It’s […]

Price List

Bedouin mother . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 800 Acrylic on canvas, 2004. 26 ½” wide x 32 ½” high. Framed in ¾” wide black wood.

101 Facts about Me

ANCESTRY I am of German, Dutch, Scottish, and English ancestry. My father and mother were from Lakewood, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb. My parents met in the Lakewood High School band. Grandfather Fruend owned a hardware store. He was born in Toledo. Grandfather Grossman was a symphony conductor. He was born in Cleveland.

Books about and set in the Arab world, India, Iran, and Turkey

Listed by country AFGHANISTAN Abdullah, Morag Murray. My Khyber Marriage: Experiences of a Scotswoman as the Wife of a Pathan Chieftain’s Son, 1990. Valley of the Giant Buddhas, 1993. Armstrong, Sally. Veiled Threat: The Hidden Power of the Women of Afghanistan. 2003.

The Desert in Your Air-conditioned Living Room

One movie a week for a year in the heat, whether it’s in Dubai, Jeddah, or Tucson. In English unless otherwise noted. All available on VHS and/or DVD. Arranged by movie release date. Intolerance. 1916. 178 minutes. Silent. D. W. Griffith, director. Four stories of life and history, notable for Babylonian sequences. The Sheik. 1921. […]

Women travel writers

Letters, narratives, location memoirs, stories, and diaries; ethnographies and monographs; adventure and misadventure journals; and celebrations of food, culture, and place. Arranged alphabetically by author’s—often husband’s— last name. Compiled by Kathy Grossman. Last updated November 2006. Anonymous (1770?– ) Maiden Voyages and Infant Colonies: Two Women’s Travel Narratives of the 1790s. Edited by Deirdre Coleman […]