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La Leche League

Breast milk is the superior infant food, and mothering through breastfeeding is the best way to give babies a healthy start in life. Yet for various and complex reasons, many women think they cannot nurse their babies, or they get conflicting or misinformed advice from doctors and friends, or they simply cannot overcome specific hurdles or breastfeeding management’s false alarms. I myself was fed formula when my mother could not figure out how to rouse sleepy little me for nursing. If only La Leche League had been around for her in 1948.

A mother and baby with Kathy's painting "Blue mother" in background

A mother and baby with my painting “Blue Mother and Child” in background

Eight years later in 1956, seven suburban Chicago women wanted to help mothers understand and be more successful nursing their babies. These Founders invited their friends and neighbors to learn more about breastfeeding. La Leche League is now an international organization, and meetings are held and breastfeeding support given in 70 countries around the world.

My own La Leche League story started in southeastern New Mexico. LLL’s philosophy appealed to my child development background and feelings that mothers are their own best support. Accredited in 1985, I was a Leader, writer, editor, administrator, illustrator, and cartoonist for 30 years. I have been District Advisor, Area Leaders’ Letter Editor in four Areas, US Western Division Area Leaders’ Letter Administrator, USWD Connections Editor and Publications Coordinator; and the cartoonist for Leaven, LLLI’s Leader Journal. I also created a coloring book for the US Western Division, revised the cartoons for Mothering Your Nursing Toddler, and illustrated six instructional books for LLL of Guatemala. From 2011-2014, I was Managing Editor for Leaven. I have now retired from La Leche League. In addition to the wonderful training and experience in helping thousands of mothers and LLL Leaders over the years, the training and experience I gained as a writer and editor were priceless.