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Ain’t playin’ to win

Written around 1977

Ridin’ on another midnight bus to avoid a motel
Think’ about the last trip out and how you never can tell;
And here I am on another plane with the headphones on,
Listenin’ to C & W tunes for the third time around.

And it’s too many buses and too many planes
And bein’ alone from twoo many games;
But lookin’ back on it all, guess I’d do it again;
Lookin’ back on it all, I ain’t playin’ to win.

Lookin’ around in the airport bar for a familiar face;
Then to the gift shop to buy another decal for my guitar case;
Standin’ in another phone booth starin’ at names on the wall;
Searchin’ in my pockets for change to make another desperate call.

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