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Monthly Archives: September 2007

8 days to go, and I’m reading

Short write-ups, an American perspective, family activities, and French vocabulary and culture. This is what Kristin Espinasse from Arizona offers in her blog essays at <> . If I were a Francophile, I’d be eating this up. If I were a French teacher, I’d be assigning this. If I were planning a trip to France, I’d […]

9 days till anecdotes for eternity

Maybe I’ll bring back fierce anecdotes from my trip to France. Like the woman sitting next to me at Color My Nails did. Overhearing my travel plans, she fell right into her routine, something she’s probably repeated many times, saying, “So I told this waiter in Paris who’d been so mean to us, I said, ‘Well, if […]

10 days to Kerouac-Piaf-Hemingway-Maugham-Jackie Paris

In a few days I will fly to Paris, as much for me as for many of my friends, a statement and a dream as well as a journey. Memory Paris, dream Paris, pastry-and-coffee Paris, the ache Paris, Piaf Paris, Hemingway Paris, painting Paris. All-balled-into-my-image-of-my-romantic-self Paris. Kerouac Paris, Modigliani, Picasso, Somerset Maugham, Muslim riots, Les Miz, JFK-and-Jackie Paris. Sitting at a cafe, […]