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Written after seeing the 1974 movie Lenny with Dustin Hoffman. Lenny, say something to me; Lenny, say something to me. You’re dead on the floor, No more nightclubs anymore; You’re dead on the floor, No more busts anymore; You’re dead on the floor, No more laughter anymore. Lenny, say something to me, Lenny, say something […]

Eddie Already

Written in 1985 on the birth of Ed Dillon. Better tell Chicken Little and the three men in a tub; Better tell Humpty Dumpty and old Mother Hubbard.

Daddy’s Got a New Smile

Written in 1983 on the birth of Sam Dillon. Surprise, surprise, big blue eyes, Better get the word out on the telephone lines; Surprise, surprise, two is now three; What was once small is now a big family.

The Cowboy Bar

Written in 1979 after an incident on a trip my old housemate Adelia Kearney and I took to spend Christmas at her parents’ home in Montrose, Colorado. My dog Gopher got hit by a Bronco during a stop at a park in Durango, Colorado. It all started in Durango when my dog got hit, We […]

Country Man, Won’t You Stay with Me Tonight?

Co-written in 1973 with Mary Ann Simmons in Chicago. Loosely based on a man I met at the $50 betting window at the 1973 Kentucky Derby. I can tell you’re from Tennessee, I can see the Smoky Mountains in Your eyes; You talk kind funny to this city girl, I know; But you’re gentle like […]

Better Watch Your Heart (‘Cause a Trucker Only Watches the Road)

Written around 1977. I was so young when I first saw him, In that run-down truck stop café; Fillin’ up mugs I was, passin’ out pie I was, Fussin’ with my hair I was Wishin’ some trucker would fall in love with me.

The Ballad of El Ladrón

Co-written in 1980 with RTD. First performed for the New Mexico Mountain Club as a trip report. Music adapted from mixed sources. El ladron means “the thief” in Spanish. El Ladrón (also called Ladrón Peak) is over 9000’ feet high and is in New Mexico’s Rio Grande Valley. I am the mountain they call El […]

Ain’t playin’ to win

Written around 1977 Ridin’ on another midnight bus to avoid a motel Think’ about the last trip out and how you never can tell; And here I am on another plane with the headphones on, Listenin’ to C & W tunes for the third time around.

Music to My Ears

(Country music-style waltz, written around 1978) There’s a big storm formin’ in Cheyenne, Wyoming, I guess it’s time I hit the road; I been drivin’ all night and it’s just gettin’ light, This old diner is feelin’ like home; But I’ll give you a call, and I hope that I hear your hello At the […]