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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Packing for a La Leche League Meeting

Originally published in LLL of New Mexico’s Enchantment, 1987 La Leche League Leaders are bag ladies. They can be counted on to bring in boxes, files, suitcases, shopping bags, and trays of all kinds of stuff to an LLL meeting. Some Groups don’t have official librarians, reprint people, treasurers, or greeters. So the library, reprints, […]

If My Husband Ran Christmas

Originally published in LLL of New Mexico’s Enchantment, 1987 Las winter, as I was pushing our grocery cart up to the checkout stand, my husband pointed to a display of bakery-made pumpkin pies on sale for 99 cents and said, “Why don’t we just take some of these to the party?” As I pulled out […]

Breaking Stones on the Road to Giverny

Written July 2003 The works of Gustave Courbet, Edouard Manet, and Claude Monet reflected French social, political, and economic conditions as well as artistic breakthroughs in the nineteenth century Realism and Impressionist movements. As the upper classes were attempting to stay in control and only valued art done in the academic tradition, these three painters […]

Almost Safe in Dover

When can you let down your guard when you travel? In your hotel room? At passport control? Never? The tea was hot, the cream seemed fresh as I shared my digestives with Alec, the terrorist. I’d been waiting for him in the Dover tea shop for twenty minutes, and now we sat huddled at the […]

101 Facts about Me

ANCESTRY I am of German, Dutch, Scottish, and English ancestry. My father and mother were from Lakewood, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb. My parents met in the Lakewood High School band. Grandfather Fruend owned a hardware store. He was born in Toledo. Grandfather Grossman was a symphony conductor. He was born in Cleveland.

Books about and set in the Arab world, India, Iran, and Turkey

Listed by country AFGHANISTAN Abdullah, Morag Murray. My Khyber Marriage: Experiences of a Scotswoman as the Wife of a Pathan Chieftain’s Son, 1990. Valley of the Giant Buddhas, 1993. Armstrong, Sally. Veiled Threat: The Hidden Power of the Women of Afghanistan. 2003.

The Desert in Your Air-conditioned Living Room

One movie a week for a year in the heat, whether it’s in Dubai, Jeddah, or Tucson. In English unless otherwise noted. All available on VHS and/or DVD. Arranged by movie release date. Intolerance. 1916. 178 minutes. Silent. D. W. Griffith, director. Four stories of life and history, notable for Babylonian sequences. The Sheik. 1921. […]

A Silent Sheik Lives On

An Italian-American’s portrayal of the Anglo-Spaniard adopted by an Arab sheik in two silent movies may yet still provide many Americans with vivid, romantic, and ridiculous images of Arab men Rudolph Valentino still colors the American myth of the Arabian man. I might not have believed this if I hadn’t heard this myth spouted from […]

Giving the Gift of Appreciation

Originally published in Connections. Reprinted in LEAVEN. It was a dark and stormy afternoon at Pittsburgh’s autumn crafts fair, “Penn’s Colony.” As my mother and I strolled up to the entrance, the rain started so we huddled with other shoppers under a large picnic pavilion. The rain eventually turned to dry gray skies, and Mom […]

What a Conference Means to a Leader Who Can’t Attend

Originally published in Connections When I became accredited as a Leader in 1985, I couldn’t even dream of attending conferences. My kids’ ages and temperments, our finances, distance, and my husband’s shift work schedule in a potash mine made attendance seem impossible. However, the fact that there was a conference available to attend was very […]