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For the Trip

There were grapes and granola bars, rice cakes, and jam
Little bags of popcorn and sandwiches of ham
Peanut butter crackers and bagels and cheese
And everything I love to eat in piles up to my knees!
But my mommy said, “No!”
Not before we all go!
That good stuff is all for the trip!”

I saw boxes of Cheerios, banana chips, pears
In sacks by our suitcases next to the stairs;
Sesame buns and muffins and cups of chocolate mousse
Apples and trail mix and bread sticks and juice,
But Mommy said, “Stop!
You can’t drink a drop!
I packed all that food for the trip!”

Dried apricots, yogurts, and all good things yummy
Were calling and calling and calling my tummy;
So I asked one more time, could I have just one
A bread stick or cracker or bagel or bun
And she said, “Oh, all right!
You can have just a bite!
But the rest we will save for the trip!”

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