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Introducing, Excerpting, Adapting, and Updating Older Connections Articles

Originally published in LLL US Western Division’s Connections #87, January/February 2000

There is a wealth of creativity, affirmation, and information in past issues of Connections. Older articles (especially those written several years ago) may warrant another look in future issues. When starting to write for LLL publications yourself, orienting an administrator to her job (which may include writing for the ALL, departmental memos, and/or Connections), or introducing a writer to LLL editing and review, you might consider the advantages of using older articles as a starting point.

1. Providing a short introduction to a reprinted article may be an easy way to being an LLL writing career. If you wish to reprint something from Connections or another LLL source in an ALL, an introduction describing why you chose the article is a sure way to see your name in print.

2. Adapting or updating an article will generally require less editing than original writing, and will attune a new writer to the current LLLI Stylesheet and LLL journalistic guidelines. The adaptor/writer will become aware of LLL terminology, capitalization, titles, spellings, and historical changes in LLL wording (such as changing “the League” to “La Leche League” or “LLL”), policies, and procedures.

3. Excerpting or quoting portions of articles (such as compiling a list of suggestions for time management from several articles) may help a new writer become more familiar with Connections as a resource. Quoted paragraphs or sections from several articles on the same topic (such as listening skills, goal setting, or conflict resolution) might be combined into one longer, more comprehensive article.

Consider suggesting introducing, adapting, excerpting, and using older articles as resources to administrators you support in orientation or to writers reluctant to start out with original writing. These beginning steps may help give them (and you!) the confidence to write regularly for La Leche League.

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