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Prairie Wedding Song

Written around 1975 for my Henry Regnery Company co-worker friend Mary Mack’s October wedding to John Eley in Chicago

I knew a girl in the valley of the sycamore,
And every evening she’d stand by her cagin door;
And sing this song to the swaying sycamore trees,
And you’d hear the words come back on the breeze.


I wanna get married in October
When the leaves, the leaves are turnin’ red;
I wanna get married in OcTober
Makes me crazy, crazy in the head;
I wanna get married in October.

One Ocober she got married and she moved away;
But the things she sang about are always gonna stay;
Now every evenin’ I stand by my cabin door,
And sing these words to the valley of the sycamore.



Summer ain’t the right time,
It gets so hot, just want to lay around;
And winter ain’t the right time,
Get’s so cold, just want to lay around.


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