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Road Runnin’ Fool

Written around 1978 in Albuquerque

I was born in Tucumcari, wen to school in T or C,
My folks moved to Artesia, so I hitched to the Duke City;
Did some gamblin’ in Portales, Santa Rosa, and Raton,
Met a man in Bernalillo, ran away to Farmington.

Got picked up in Tularosa by a long-hair from Socorro,
Had some Coors in Alamagordo, slept it off in Espanola.


I’m a New Mexico road-runnin, fun-lovin, six-gunnin’,
I’m a New Mexico road-runnin’ fool.

Drank tequila in Plactias with a Roswell friend of mine,
Met some bikers down at Okie’s,* had ourselves a real good time;
Took the scenic route by Elephant Butte and saw old Smokey’s grave,**
Hitchhiked back to Taos, went down to Carlsbad to see their cave.


Took a class down in Las Cruces, dropped out and went to Hobbs,
Got tired of Silver City, went to Belen to do odd jobs;
Got arrested in Clines Corners for a check I passed in Grants;
Posted bond and skipped to Clovis, I escaped with just my pants.


While crashing in Corrales, a Clayton cowboy said,
“If you’ve seen so much of New Mexico, Buddy, how come you ain’t dead?”


* Okie’s was a rough bar in Albuquerque. It’s now closed.
** Smokey the Bear was found in Lincoln Forest and is now buried in Capitan, New Mexico

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