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The Newest Sad Song

Country-western waltz written in 1976

Pullin’ off the highway to eat where there’s some room to park
He orders the steak combination as it’s getting’ dark
As he waits for a refill, the diner gets real still
As the newest sad song fills the room.

It’s real hard to listen when your body’s feelin’ hardly alive;
The waitresses come and they go and they change shifts at five;
He likes this one better ‘cause though he’s just met her,
She looks kinda like his ex-wife.


Wherever he goes, he already knows he’ll never really fit in;
He’s talkin’ the road and dreamin’ of home;
It’s a game this old cowbody can’t win.

As she pours him more coffee, she asks him what’s new on the road;
He swallows and says, “Nothin’ much,” and stares at the floor;
“I drink and I sleep and get too much to eat,
And then get drunk and get drunk some more.”


He says he’ll be going, leaves his tip by the coffee and stands;
The newest sad song plays again as he’s rubbin’ his hands;
He looks out the window and there in the shadow
Is the only friend he understands.


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