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Two-dollar Window

Based on a conversation I had with a one-armed man in line at the $2 window at the 1974 Kentucky Derby

I met you at the two-dollar window,
At the races on a day in July;
And I could tell you were a regular winner,
By the crazy look you had in your eye.

We watched the horses from the railing,
Holdin’ hands and drinkin’ warm beer;
And you said you had horses in Tennessee,
And we should meet at the Derby next year.


Just give me some southern comfort,
Give me just a little taste;
Just give me some southern comfort,
Don’t let a drop go to waste.

We both bet on a horse named Diablo,
‘Case you dreamed about the devil last night;
And we both lost ten dollars at the wire,
But a Tennessee angel treated me right.


The day you left we sat in your pickup,
Losin’ tickets all over the floor;
I was finishing out of the money,
Just my own faded smile to show.


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