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4 days to partly sunny and a high of 14 degrees

So here we go back to that funny centigrade business. For two months I’ll be adjusting to those scary low numbers, feeling like I’m back in Nome, Alaska, as I get used to seeing and hearing centigrade instead of fahrenheit temperatures.

When I arrive in Paris in four days, the forecast is for a high of 14 degrees and a low of 7.  That’s in centigrade measurement. In Fahrenheit that’s 58 degrees for a high, and 45 degrees for a low. The average high temperature in Paris in September is 21 C/70 F, and the average rainfall is 2.1 inches. By the time I leave in November the leaves will be changing, and there may be snow.

About September in Paris, one travel guide says, “Enjoy the quiet as most European and American tourists return to work and school.” This American tourist will just be getting down to business.

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