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Monthly Archives: May 2014

It’s not Valley of the Kings, but it’s damn close

I honor the eight-year-old me whenever I can. As a third grader in Mrs. Gutherie’s classroom, my mind was buzzing with the information that a group of diggers discovered King Tut’s tomb in 1922, the year my father and Jack Kerouac were born. I had also just come back from my first family camping trip […]

Raising a cornetto to Les Halles’ showing of Le Dernier Pub

My son and I went to see the new Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movie, World’s End, which the French had titled Le Dernier Pub (The Last Pub). It wasn’t easy for this American to get a ticket. My credit card lacked the microchip that European cards contain. Old US credit card technology has yet […]