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Raising a cornetto to Les Halles’ showing of Le Dernier Pub

My son and I went to see the new Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movie, World’s End, which the French had titled Le Dernier Pub (The Last Pub).

It wasn’t easy for this American to get a ticket. My credit card lacked the microchip that European cards contain. Old US credit card technology has yet to catch up with this, so our banks will need to do a total overhaul of our technology. I hope they’ve started.

I had to find an ATM at Forum les Halles and get back in line, then buy the ticket with the cash. Not too high a price to pay since this movie was already making me laugh, based on the trailers I’d seen, before I even entered the theater.

The theater was magnificent. It’s in the cinema wing of the Right Bank’s Forum les Halles, a multiplex on “rue du cinema,” with movie memorabilia shops mixed in with Starbucks and little food places. The seats were plush and comfortable, and the stadium seating meant short me didn’t have to look around any Frenchie giant heads, hats, or hairdos It was pretty fun being the first ones in the audience to get the jokes. And “Starbucking” will enter the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014, I’m sure of it.

As Nick-and-Simon fans know, this movie is the third of the “cornetto trilogy,” referring to the British ice cream snack. Cornettos are not exactly featured in each movie, but they are meaningfully mentioned or noted, albeit fleetingly in World’s End.

Walking back to the apartment, my son and I did not find full-on cornettos, but the little shop downstairs sold us a box of six cornetto-like strawberry ice cream cone things. We watched Daily Show reruns as we downed the desserts. Vin Diesel’s Riddick (not part of a cornetto or any other snack trilogy) opens in Paris next week, and I’m gathering the cash to go see it here before flying home.


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