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A Place for Everything and Everyone

Originally published in LLL US Western Division’s Connections #75, January/February 1998

It is a daunting project to move a household. It can feel even more complicated when many containers of precious La Leche League items are also involved. Moving my three sons, my husband, and myself from Nova Scotia to Pennsylvania was one thing. Moving La Leche League was another.

I needed to set up my office immediately so I could begin work on the review draft for a Connections issue. There was a fax machine to hook up. A computer to assemble. A typewriter to get repaired. Boxes of office supplies to organize and arrange. In between all these jobs, of course, dinners had to be cooked, laundry washed, and a new community begged to be explored. There were also new Leaders and new Groups to meet.

Soon after the moving men left, I called North Hills La Leche League here in Pittsburgh and was immediately invited to the Chapter’s World Walk the next weekend. We walked with many families through North Park and were invited to enjoy the dishes from a varied and delicious potluck, even though I wasn’t able to provide anything from my disorganized kitchen. My co-Leaders were happy to have me and curious as to which Group in our Chapter I’d choose to be affiliated with.

The following week, I drove to a
Series Meeting of the Group clsest to my home, joining mothers, babies, and toddlers for a fresh but timeless discussion of the techniques, joys, and challenges of the womanly art of brestfeeding. The warm welcome (and maybe Lisa and Sarah’s pleading looks!) convinced me to affiliate with their thriving, enthusiastic Group. I’m home again in La Leche League.

I’ve found places for my stapler, tape dispenser, and most of my files; a corner for the fax machine; wall space for my calendars and crib quilts; and shelf space for my pens, templates, and handbooks. I’m still working on putting up my mother-and-baby prints. It seems to take up to a year to find a place for everything. But now at least I seem to have found another new place for me.

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