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The Future Article You’ve Already Written

Originally published in LLL US Western Division’s Connections #75, January/February 1998

Many of us agonize over finding just the right topic or expanding an idea into an article for the Area Leaders’ Letter (ALL), a memo, Connections, or another La Leche League publication. Waiting and hoping for inspiration can be illusive and sporadic at best. However, he future article you’re looking for may be in something you’ve already written.

With expansion and development, the following sources might be the starting point for that article you’re trying to write.

1. Your letters of correspondence to other Leaders may contain nuggets that can be developed into an article. Be sure to protect the privacy of your letters’ recipients by changing or deleting details and making situations generic.

2. An evaluation form you filled in (for a meeting, workshop, conference, etc.) may have a discussion of a conflict, challenge, or situation that could be expanded into a fuller exploration of a topic. Again, you will need to edit for privacy.

3. A handout you prepared for a Chapter Meeting or District Workshop can be fleshed out into an article.

4. The notes for a talk you presented at a meeting, workshop, or conference could be an outline for your writing.

5. A paragraph or two from another article you’ve written may suggest a more in-depth treatment. Articles you’ve already written may contain several ideas for new ones.

You can mine your own writing for more subject matter in future articles. With discretion and creativity, your own words may be just the inspiration you were looking for.

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