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10 things I noticed at the JFK gate bound for CDG

Sitting at the JFK airport gate waiting for the call to board for the flight to Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport, I already noticed a change from America to France . . . . and beyond

1. A woman continuously rubbing her husband’s shaved head.

2. A pigeon walking then flying through the concourse.

3. The universal smiles of everyone at the pigeon. 

4. Many languages spoken.

5. More colors in people’s clothes and more black clothes.

6. Tibetan monks in robes.

7. Tibetan monks in robes talking on cell phones.

8. A Tibetan monk in a robe with a tattoo.

9. A passenger bring aboard a large bag from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

10. People approaching the three men behind the Delta counter with smiles. The three men behind the Delta counter never smiling.

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