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10 things I noticed at the Salt Lake gate bound for JFK

I’m sitting at one of Delta’s C gates in a plastic chair at Salt Lake City’s airport, bound for JFK. I look at what people are doing, carrying, engaged in, and wearing at my gate.

 1. Missionaries. The two women were dour and beaten-looking. The five men were excited and gregarious. Once we were on the C concourse, many of them were talking at the pay phones. One man said, “I’m excited, I’m scared, I’m all those emotions.”

2.  Two women with a pug dog on a leash. (Once the dog was under their seat on the plane, he didn’t make a peep until we landed.)

3. Logo shirts: Mazatlan, Italia, Guess, and “Utah.”

4. Shorts and T-shirts. One man with a purple-and-white lei.

5.  A young red-headed woman reading The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger.

6. Zombie-like stares from passengers watching CNN News.

7. Loop reporting from CNN on murders, arrests, celebrities, approaching hurricanes, and mothers lighting their children on fire.

8. Women who must have gotten up really early to use curling urons.

9. No babies or little kids.

10. No families wishing their missionaries goodbye at the gate. Not like you used to see before 9/11.

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